Hot Dogs Done Extreme and Right

January 15, 2015 by No Comments

Hot dogs Done Extreme

These are hot dogs done extreme! Step 4 is critical, by the way. Can’t have any witnesses, or follwing-arounders  either. I could eat these every day and twice on Sunday. They look almost as good at the Peruvian (I think that’s what they were) hot dogs we occasionally make, the ones with the egg on top, garlic mayo, hot mustard, Chorizo, Bacon and crushed pineapple. But these, oh my, drizzle mustard down the center and boom! Grub. Damn, you could try different cheeses too, Mozz, Cheddar, Jack, anything but American cheese. That ain’t cheese. Yummo on the rest of it though!

Exciting Kitchen Items

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Would you eat this? 🤯 #food #foodie #myfinALLYmoment #IKnowWhatYouDid #tiktokfood #houstonfood

♬ Sauce – Naïka

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