Hooking Not Allowed Here Anytime

January 9, 2015 by No Comments

Hooking Not Allowed!

Hooking Not Allowed! Unemployment rises while overall satisfaction drops? Are there hooking zones? You do know hooking is where the word “hook Up” comes from, right? This makes me wonder if sex here is ok as long as it is free. Really, there must have been some serious issues if this sign needed to be put up! I’ve seen cities that needed these signs in some areas. By the way, what is that, a Scion X-B represented? Oh my, I just noticed that neither participants has boobs, maybe that narrows it all down, gay hookers in a Scion X-B. Funnier still on the sign, three rubbers tossed on the ground, huge ones too! Yeah, I think people who do this in public and toss condoms onto the street for kids to find are disgusting sociopaths.

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Replying to @tanroselane I’m less worried about someone “not being able to find a bf” bc they “put out,” and more worried about pursuing/even getting into a relationship with someone who doesn’t align with their needs/desires bc of the emotional attachment that can come from physical intimacy / feeling like you’ve invested in someone already so you should keep exploring things w them despite of red flags / prioritizing someone over other Contenders bc you’re sleeping w that person (not bc you like them the most) #dating #datingadvice #relationship #relationshipadvice #nyc

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