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Shout Out To Our Sister Site RadioKahuna Listen to ‪#‎radiokahuna‬ Today! Love great music? Maybe you’ll like RadioKahuna, where you can listen 24/7 on any device! You can even join the community, and all of this is free! Listen at Visit the site at And above all, share the heck out of it! … Read more

Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea Every try Bubble Tea? I’ve never heard of it, but maybe because it sucks balls? Or am I reading that wrong?

PR Fail

PR Fail This is a huge PR Fail, lol. I’m sure word got back to this guy about what the sign really said.

Valentines Day Funeral

Valentines Day Funeral Planning Oh how romantic, Valentines Day funeral planning! You know what they say, you can’t take Fun out of Funeral. View the whole gallery at In what is maybe the stupidest fail in advertising history, exhorting people to use their Valentines day to their loved ones burial and final resting place, and … Read more

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Hello everyone! I’ve been busy as all get out, and this is the first chance I’ve had since yesterday to get on this site, but there is something I must do, and that is to wish you a Merry Christmas, or whatever else you celebrate this time of year!
It’s a long hard road bring a website back from flat lining, and while I’m confident it can be done, I also realize it is really YOU who do it, you who visit, you who share things and spread the word, just as has always been the last 16+  years at Laughshop. When we weren’t posting, there wasn’t much to share, and when we were things always went wild, as they are now.
So thank you.
We spent time last night, Christmas Eve, with family, and today with close family (with me disappearing now and again, tinkering on our video game websites). I was fortunate enough to once again watch the magic of Christmas manifest through the little one.
Now I’m going to go sip some adult egg nog and relax a little. Or maybe I’ll jot down a movie review, or maybe something else.
At any rate, thank you, and Merry Christmas! May all of you be as lucky as I am.

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Be a Laughshop contributor Have you ever said to yourself, “I really want to be a Laughshop contributor. After all they are one of the oldest humor sites on the planet! Yep, I like to write love funny stuff, and hell, I’m all fired up to help them rebuild their long lost (hacked) humor files!” … Read more