Grumpy Cat Will Succeed

December 22, 2014 by No Comments

Grumpy Cat – finishing what the grinch started

Grumpy Cat Will Succeed image

Grumpy Cat Will Succeed

Grumpy Cat Will Succeed where the Grinch has failed. Do you really have any doubt about his success? I don’t. All hail Tard, the real name of the grumpy cat seen in all the memes, arguably the most famous cat of recent times. Garfield, Morris, whoever else, Grumpy Cat would suck their souls in and exhale nothing but pure sulfur vapor, so when he says he will succeed, best pay attention. I showed my cat this picture, she ran, hid, now runs away every time she sees me. Ok, not much more to say here. Cheesy wallpaper in the background?

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