Great North American Redneck

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Great North American Redneck

Great North American Redneck

Great North American Redneck

This, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of the Great North American Redneck. Long derided, but many times taking the name Redneck as an honor, a title of privileged, as it were.  The Great North American Redneck (GNAR, pronounced nar, silent G like Gnarly), once feared to be dwindling in numbers is in no danger of extinction. In many places, such as NYC, the GNAR is scarcely found, likewise in Boston and most other places along the northern part of the eastern seaboard, largely having been driven to the deep south and the American southwest. However there are still some GNARs in the northeast, rare though they may be.

GNAR for Short

GNARs got their start, their name, in about 1640 Scotland as part of a religious protest movement where the individuals wore red scarves around their necks to better identify each other.  This early genus of Redneck later made it’s way first to Fayetteville, North Carolina, then abroad and largely adapted, assimilated into the local populations. However, their work ethic, and as importantly their name, continued on.
In order to tell themselves apart from their non-union counterparts, the coal mining unions adopted the red kercheif. The workers were then, of course, called Rednecks. Later farmers, with their heads bowed to the ground that they toiled and back of their necks to the sun, joined the storied legion of Rednecks.

Soon songs were written about the GNARs, rallies meant to band GNARs together for political purposes were common, at least in the deep south, and slowly the GNAR evolved, changed into something else outright.

Rednecks Today

Today, Rednecks are seen through two different prisms. First, being poorly educated riffraff. Poor, white, bible thumping conservatives. The other being rugged individualists with a talent for improvisation. So, it comes as no surprise that some people scorn the the Great North American Redneck. However, many GNARs take the same with great pride. After all, without rugged folks who could improvise, America simply wouldn’t be America. So why wouldn’t they take a certain pride in the name Redneck? Their hard working and hard playing zest and zeal for life is nothing to be ashamed of.

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