Good Husband Joke

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The Good Husband

Several men were in the locker room of the local gym when a cell phone on the bench started ringing, and a man put it on speaker phone and begins talking. All the other men in the locker room stopped to quietly listen.

Good Husband Joke

Good Husband Joke

Man: Hello?

Woman: Hi honey, it’s me. Are you at the gym?

Man: Yes.

Woman: I’m shopping, and I found this beautiful purse. It’s only a thousand dollars, is it okay if I buy it?

Man: Sure, if you like it that much, go ahead.

Woman: Great! I also stopped by the Infinity dealership and saw one I really liked.

Man: How much is it?

Woman: Ninety thousand.

Man: Okay, but I want it fully optioned out for that price.

Woman: Oh, thank you! One more thing, that house I wanted last year? It’s back on the market. They are asking only $990,000 for it.

Man: Okay, make an offer for it. Offer, say, $900,000. They might take it, and if not we’ll pay the extra $90,000 if you really want it.

Woman: Oh thank you! You’re such a good husband! I’ll see you tonight! Love you!

Man: Love you too, bye!

At that the woman hung up and the man turned to face all the other men in the locker room standing, staring with their mouths open, astonished at his generosity.

Man: Anyone know who’s phone this is?