Ghost People Song – Sing Along!

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Ghost People Song

Ghost People song is also known as Dead People, a a fun poke in the eye of ghost hunters and the paranormal field by ghost hunters.

We as members of Claranormal made this video a few years ago. We had a good time making the ghost people song, and we’re popping it up here because we can. Dead people was made to take a funny look at all the craziness and goofiness that has popped up in the paranormal field the last few years. Proposed shows that are more sorority pillow fights than paranormal anything, shows trying to cast people investigating in the nude, or in mines, or as opossum eating rednecks, you name it, the field has gone there. Then there’s all the bizarre superstitions or beliefs. This is what we try to convey in this song and video, in a tongue in cheek way.

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♬ original sound – jane leopardo

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