Funny Radiator Shop Sign

December 17, 2014 by No Comments

This funny radiator shop sign says it all.

Funny Radiator Shop Sign

Funny Radiator Shop Sign

I’ll bet this funny radiator shop sign came down within minutes of the first person walking in and peeing on the floor. Not that people generally do that sort of thing, but be careful what you ask for. Here in my town someone would do exactly that. Funny and memorable sign to be sure, and I love clever signs! and think about it, not just radiators leaks, but brakes can, and so can mufflers. Unrelated, I saw a post the other day from an old boss of mine. He always thought he was the smartest person in the building (there were about 80 of us) and he challenged me a few times on things and lost. He was posting about his truck brakes going out, which of course he spelled breaks. Idiot. I just didn’t have enough meanness to correct and deride him, but I wanted to, lol. Hey Jay, BRAKES. Dick. There. I’m meaner today.


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