Funny Valentines

Funny Valentines With Valentine’s Day on its way it is time to roll out the funny Valentines day pictures. This day of love is it really THE day of love. Or is it a corporate gimmick designed to help you dispose of your disposable income? Be careful with your answer, your other may see it 😀 Enjoy, … Read more

Valentines Day Dysfunction

Valentines Day Dysfunction It’s that time of year, and with that comes not only Valentines day love, but also Valentines Day Dysfunction. I suppose these could be called “polite brush off candy hearts” too. View the whole gallery here: Make them taste like unpleasant things too, like goat snot, dingle berryies, ear wax, you get … Read more

Valentines Day Love

Valentines Day Love The kind of love that is perhaps bad for your health, Valentines day love. View the whole gallery at Thems are mighty powerful words, yes they are, because back-alley (and many on the street too, in this area anyway) really love their crack! Only here it’s more meth, but whatever, addicted much? … Read more

Valentines Day Prose

Valentines Day Prose Just don’t do it, steer clear of Valentines Day Prose and poems and all that sit to pee stuff. View the whole gallery at Let the pros handle it, there’s a whole industry filled with people who are good at this stuff, it’s called the greeting card industry. They have people who … Read more

Screw Valentines Day

Screw Valentines Day Screw Valentines Day, I’m waiting for the chocolate to go on sale! I d this every year after V-day, after Christmas, after Easter, and after Halloween. Win some, lose some. View the whole gallery at A lot of people say screw it for other reasons, and most would rather switch the words … Read more

Candy Heart Downers

Candy Heart Downers Yes, these candy heart downers are sure to make you single and alone. No mattress action for you! View the whole gallery at Bad luck Brian goes into a convenience market and sees candy hearts on sale. Without thinking he snatches up all that are left, never checking to see why they … Read more

Corporate Valentines Day

Corporate Valentines Day Happy corporate Valentines day! View the whole gallery at Guys, this is just exactly what the hippie, faux liberal, sit to pee, eeeeeee a bug, guns scare me mentality will get you. Wonka bumping uglies on the midnight trampoline with your woman. Swallow that garbage and go with the flow. Man up, … Read more

Sad Sack Valentines Day

Sad Sack Valentines Day Now this, be definition, is a sad sack Valentines day, complete with a pity party! View the whole gallery at Hey, if whatever you’re doing isn’t working out for you, maybe it’s time to try something different? Just saying. Stop chasing? Stop looking in others windows? Hey, here’s a thought, don’t … Read more

Believe It

Believe It For your own sake, you better believe it! View the whole gallery at Aren’t old couples magical? I don’t mean like watching them snuggle, kiss, or worse, nobody want to see that. What I mean is the fact that after many years, decades even, they are still so very much in love. Maybe it’s … Read more