Water Facts

Water Facts If these water facts don’t scare you and set you straight, nothing will. Every person who has ever drank water, without exception, has DIED!!!

This is a test

This is a test This is a test of the chick spotting emergency system. This is only a test. Had this been an actual chick spotting emergency, you would be directed to remain calm and await further instructions.  This concludes this test of the chick spotting emergency system.  

What Flavor?

What Flavor? Hello, Yeo’s, what flavors do you have? I’m sorry, what was that again? Right, so it that a descriptive of what you think the flavor (flavour) tastes like, or it’s actual name? What? So, it actually is crap flavored? Ok, I’ll pass on that. What else do you have? I’m looking for something … Read more

Most Interesting Zombie

The Most Interesting Zombie in the World You’ve seen the Most Interesting Man in the world, and here is the Most Interesting Zombie in the world. Stay hungry my friends. Maybe this could also be called The Drinking Dead? Have you ever asked yourself, “What if the most interesting man in the world were cast … Read more

A Sipping Cola

A Sipping Cola Some colas are meant to be chugged, other sipped. This would maybe be a sipping cola? If you were forced to at gunpoint maybe? I’m thinking pee means something entirely different in Ghana. Then again, the entire label is in English, and the word pee, as far as I know, is pretty … Read more


Gayngsta Oh wow, gayngsta made me laugh much harder than it should have. The pose and the caption could not have been any more perfect for each other. Was he born this way, or is he a product of his environment? This is obviously captured at a party (see the red solo cups?) so he could … Read more