Valentines Day Patrick

Valentines Day Patrick Awwww, Valentines Day Patrick is so….thoughtful. Maybe not the sharpest, tool in the shed, and he certainly lack eloquence, but hey, he’s a frigging starfish, so yeah. They aren’t known for their brains. View the whole gallery at So if Patrick were to be giving out a Valentines Day card or box … Read more

Biggest Poo

Biggest Poo As it says, every day someone on Earth unknowingly takes the biggest poo in the world for that day. …and I’d wager that it’s usually me that sets that record 🙂 But seriously, someone sets that record every day. Weird that never occurred to me before, but then again I seldom think about … Read more

Valentines Day Siri

Valentines Day Siri Here is Valentines Day Siri being a sassy smart ass again. There are times Siri. I don’t know how many of you, or how many times, if any, you folks have gotten a smart ass reply from Siri, but I have had my fair share, none as sharp as valentines day Siri. My … Read more

Introverts Unite

Introverts Unite A lot of people can certainly relate to this shirt, Introverts Unite! Me, an introvert? Yep, and strange situations make me uncomfortable 😀 But you seem so extroverted? Yeah, I’ve heard that, and it takes an enormous amount of energy for an introvert to do that, and we can usually hardly wait to get … Read more

Statistics Prove

Statistics Prove Statistics Prove that most men, about 90% of them, are in fact pigs, and revel in this fact. However the number being 90% id contradictory to the statement that 100% of men are pigs, and in fact the number may be even lower. Some men are such nerds that they immediately note King … Read more

Valentines Day Face

Valentines Day Face All well and fine, but I’m thinking this Valentines Day Face is, well, frightening. Someone walks up with this face and I’m running the hell out of there in the other direction. Screaming. This is like Hannibal Lechter in love, a frightening proposition  in and of itself. Ladies, I know you know … Read more

Great Sweater

Great Sweater Great sweater, unless, of course, it’s not a pull over sweater but a skin suit made of what is actually left of your roommate, then, yeah, not so much. I’m actually a little surprised that given the technology these days for printing specialty items like this sweater/shirt that we don’t see more items like … Read more


Why in hell? It makes no sense that these guys would do this. I’ve sat here and tried to think of reasons why these fellas would do this picture, and I’m stumped. They all lost a bet? Way too much alcohol? Sounded like a good idea at the time? Brain damage? Wives talked them into … Read more

Dubyas New Life

Dubyas New Life My how times have changed. I wonder if anyone is going to scream and yell about this one. We are not about politics here, it’s just a funny picture of Dubyas new life. Of course someone likely photoshopped it, still made me titter. Yep, that’s a word. Hey, sometimes you gotta ride … Read more