I Have Reservations

I Have Reservations I have Reservations. Not to eat here, but about eating at a placed named this. Fatal Restaurant? Yikes! How about Soylent Green? Or maybe Eat Me. Bite Me. You’re For Dinner? Sit Down, Shut Up And Eat? If dinner was free, and the meal could, but not necessarily would, prove fatal, would … Read more

Family Owned

Family Owned Have you ever worked for a family owned business where the family members also worked? I have, and the butting of heads is really something to behold. So much so, and usually over petty stuff, that it can make everyone uncomfortable. It can be so childish, this situation, and watching siblings in a … Read more

Funny Bathroom Sign

Funny bathroom sign This funny bathroom sign makes you wonder how that works and what sort of establishment this is. You know, there was a time when taking photos in a public bathroom would be considered weird, but the sign definitely trumps that. I don’t know if I want to make friends in the bathroom. … Read more

Funny Now Hiring Sign

Funny Now Hiring Sign This funny now hiring sign Kind of makes you wonder what exactly happened here. This is the kind of sign that makes me laugh, and is memorable, and is really likely to draw me into the business. The one question is, who did what to whom to provoke such a sign? … Read more

Long Time Walgreens

That’s an awful long time Walgreens Maybe the pharmacist can help you out with that? There has to be some sort of concoction for that. A one hour poo is maybe something one should see their doctor about, and maybe not something you’d want to advertise in lights. In this, the H and the T … Read more

Santa Needs This

Santa Needs This Santa needs this soon, I’m sure. That is unless he keeps his elves working year round, as a good capitalist might, but I doubt that, Santa seems like a good guy. Now that the holiday season is gone, and approaches again in a time that seems to have gotten here too soon, … Read more

Problems Are Relative

Fringe Benefits

Problems are relative, any way you slice them. However having zombies chasing you, yes, that is a big problem.

Problems are Relative
Problems are Relative

However if you are in good physical running condition, there is a much better chance you will escape said zombies. Also as the sign says, running will help you loose weight. Yes, running sucks, to a certain point, but escaping Zombies is generally considered a good thing, never mind that zombies only exist in movies and on television. Oh, like, you thought they were a real thing? Alright, I’ll phrase that differently, being capable of running could help you to elude bath salt users.