Soccer Fail

Soccer Fail Okay, very important, henceforth facebutting the ball will be a foul. This Soccer Fail is too painful for the fans to watch.  

Mustache Fail

Mustache Fail If ever there was a mustache fail, this is it. Wft are you thinking?!? You know, even with a regular mustache, or whatever preceded this abomination, this guy isn’t a lady killer. Or maybe he literally is.  

Gift for Daddy

Gift for Daddy- Give him what which is taboo and illegal in at least 40 states, a gift for daddy that will have him (and maybe you too) in jail for years to come. Seriously shaking our heads here. Apparently it’s okay in Georgia though, hmmm. I wonder if Rick Grimes and his crew passed … Read more

Upload Fail

Upload Fail Oops, that’s a serious upload fail lol! Guess what, if you’re dumb enough to record your acts, you’re probably dumb enough to upload them by accident for all the world to see.

Christmas Fail

Burning Santa Christmas Fail

I really don’t think I need to tell you why this is a Christmas fail, unless, of course, your culture celebrates giant burning inflatable Santa’s!

Christmas Fail

This fail, which is actually a defining Christmas fail, but sad too. Look at Frosty at the bottom, doesn’t he remind you of the little girl in the memes that show a house burning in the background? He’s all smiling big. Puzzling, I have no idea why anyone would want to construct a Santa this big to begin with. The giant burning Santa obviously has an inner framework structure, it isn’t just a balloon. This was apparently in Santa Catarina, Brazil a few years ago. Undoubtedly this occurring would have traumatized any children seeing it. Santa and Burning Man combined into one event?

You know, I never thought of Santa as a hot-head.

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Selfie Dookie Fail

Selfie Dookie Fail

Ah gross! Beware the Selfie Dookie Fail!

Selfie Dookie Fail
Selfie Dookie Fail

Always be aware of your surroundings when shooting a selfie picture. And for crying out loud, LOOK at the picture before you post it! I have seen so many avoidable selfie fails that it boggles the mind!
Now it’s plain that she wanted to present an appealing picture to gain attention (she did) and probably make some guy want her, but the poo floating in the background is gross and, well, probably had a deflationary effect, if you will, on the intended recipient. Pretty sure not too many people would be all “Mmhmm, gonna get me some of that.” A few miscreants, yes, but most people would be all “yea