Cat Norris Rests

Cat Norris Rests Cat Norris Rests Between Victims. Be it humans or dogs or whatever he’s attacking, Cat needs a little rest now and then to restore his Chi. Here is a rare occasion caught of Cat both resting and reflecting on the deeper issues of life. Not really, this is just our cat.

Cat Norris

Cat Norris You’ve heard all the Chuck Norris jokes, unless you’ve been living on Mars, and even then you probably have (Mars only circles the sun because Chuck Norris told it to), but have you heard about Cat Norris? Yep, Cat Norris is a beast, a lot like Chuck. You best watch out because if … Read more

Monkey Valentine

My Monkey Valentine I don’t think this is going to end well for my monkey valentine Just look at those huge eyes, how they adore you, that small supple nose and slightly smiling mouth. I think love is in the air, yes indeedy. Wait, here come those words! Here they come! You’re waiting for it, … Read more