Funniest Joke Ever Written

January 12, 2015 by 1 Comment

The Funniest Joke Ever Written Monte Python

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I’m adding this in because, well, I’m a Monte Python freak, and the funniest joke ever written skit is

funny, maybe not the funniest skit they ever did (not by a long shot) but still funny. I briefly considered calling this post “A peek into the offices,” but decided against it, as those guys, the Python troupers were, are, legendary, and we, well, we’re less than a scab on the bottom of a slugs bottom. Temporarily lapsed there into Jim Kirk speech patterns, any hoo…
Enjoy and share if you like, and don’t if you don’t. This is mostly fort my own entertainment, and to pay homage to a fantastic grouping of talent that I’ve admired since childhood, lets see, 129 years now. Oops, 139, damned decades. Do enjoy, and if there’s anything else you’d like to see, just give a shout out in the comments!

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