Explains a LOT

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Explains a lot about Desserts

I do believe this explains a lot! Stressed is desserts in reverse!

Explains a LOT

Explains a LOT

Yep, so I’m going to have dessert after all, it has a BUILT IN excuse! This explains a lot. One of few words that is magic backwards. Beer = reeb. Nope. Booze = ezoob. Medication = noitacidem. Nuh uh. Yeah, desserts may be the ONLY one! So when someone gives you hell about that HUGE bowl of ice cream, or that extra slice of pie, just scream that you are stressed! And if you’re a pastry chef, you’re actually doing a vital service and deserve a big fat raise!

Pie, cake, ice cream, donuts, cheesecake, muffins, oh my God yes.
See how lucky you are to have me around to explain this to you? I’m a giver 🙂

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