Exhibitionist Dream or Nightmare

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Exhibitionist Dream or Nightmare

Hand crafted? Works of art? Exhibitionist Dream! lol! Oh wow, I don’t think a sign gets any funnier. Did they even read it first? Couldn’t have, no way. I can see dudes in trench coats, bare spindly legs showing out the bottom, turning out in droves, long lines of them, waiting to get in. Women hiding their children’s eyes from the spectacle as they round the corner from the ornate ceramic incense burners into an alley of pervs wanking it and calling it art. Men, charging to the ladies rescue, of course in tuxedos and carrying jewel encrusted handles to walking sticks run ahead, their hoity-toity monocles popping out of their eye sockets as they behold the menagerie of sickos spewing into the warm afternoon sunlight.
Ok, admittedly I carried that much too far. Heat of the moment….

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well i guess you know now #viral #public #exhibitionist

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