Dumb Guy Meme

Dumb Guy Meme

“…and this, children, is why you do not use drugs…”

Dumb Guy Meme
Dumb Guy Meme

In this dumb guy meme, apparently this guy tried to rob a bank after having paid $500 to a “wizard” to make him invisible. I see the logic, I really do. I’d think about doing the same thing if I could be invisible, for a little while anyway, which brings up the first questionable thinking. What if you had all this money and you were still invisible? Wouldn’t that make it hard to spend the money? And carrying the visible money around, wouldn’t that make you, or at least it, visible? Pile of money just floating around to and fro for no good reason is highly suspicious.
Oh, and they spelled “Hemet ” wrong….
Ok, so his plan was to rob the bank. Would he then go back to said “wizard” and pay to be made visible again? What’s to stop the wizard from demanding all the stolen money in exchange for restored visibility? Further, if the wizard had the power to make you invisible, why would he take your $500 rather than simply manifest $200,000,000 whenever he wanted to? Alright, I suppose there are some sort of wizard rules, right?
So the knucklehead goes into the bank and starts grabbing money out of peoples hands. Think here, you’re invisible, you could simply walk into the vault and take what you want. Oh yes, that’s right, the money is still visible.
Last note on the dumb guy meme. It supposedly happened in Tehran, which is in Iran. The guy pictured in the meme does not appear to be Iranian. In fact in a nation like Iran I doubt he would have lived after such an event, and find it even more unlikely a meme with his picture would have escaped that nation onto the web as a meme, so thinking it through I’m calling BS.

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