Definitely Weird translation fail

January 25, 2015 by No Comments

Definitely Weird translation fail

This is a definitely weird translation fail. Sign says in English Meat fried cat ear on one, and Fries pulls out the rotten child on the other side. If I saw this and I was really, really hungry and there were no other food places in the world, I just might go hungry. Might. I’m trying with every brain cell (all three of them) to figure out how in the world this translation fail can even exist. There’s really Chinese words for food dishes that are similar to Meat Fried Cat Ear? Well, ok. But Fried Pulls Out the Rotten child? That’s like insane gibberish in any language, I would think anyway. Interestingly both dishes cost the same, 15 whatevers. Probably something like “15 Granny Eyes in the Seahorse Snot.”

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More awfully funny translation fails that taste better than the airport carpet 🤣🤣🤣#fyp #foryou #FORYOUPAGE #FYP #translationfail

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