Dear Monday

December 8, 2014 by 1 Comment

Dear Monday, we have to talk.
Don’t you wish you could leave Monday? Write it a Dear Monday letter, leave it far behind and get on with your life, Monday-less? I think most people do, even people with unconventional work weeks, as they too still have a Monday, that depressing of all days.
I think the only way to ghost Monday is to spend Sunday night through Tuesday morning blazing blind drunk, but that presents a whole new set of problems worse than Mondays themselves, unless of course your daily job is as a professional drinker. Long line of applicants for that, I’m sure, and besides, they look forward to their sober days off. Yes, I’m being flip, or course there’s no such thing as professional drunks, only amateurs. So we’re stuck with Mondays and sobriety, but wow, Friday is still hot!