Cost of Lumber is High? Yes it is

June 12, 2022 by No Comments

The cost of lumber is high?

Oh, no, we’re all just imagining the cost of lumber is high, right? Well, this image meme says it all. I’m going to start buying lots of popsicles!

Well, it was high during Covid too, when people were sitting at home deciding on home improvement projects. So demand was higher than normal supply for normal use. Factories, including lumber mills, project the need, but lumber mills sat idle during this time while workers were home, hiding from the covid. Meanwhile Bert and Ernie wanted to build an addition and a new fence.

Now, however, the cost of lumber has as much to do with devaluation of currency as it does supply and demand. Not only that, but additional transportation costs (higher fuel prices) add to the misery. What about other building materials?

Concrete and others too

You have to order a batch of concrete 3 weeks to a month out! I was speaking with a general contractor this past week, and it isn’t just wood prices that are insane, it’s virtually everything.

Brass Tacks

The people in government right now think you will acclimate and accept the insane inflation we see now, and will see get worse going forward. They want, need, you to accept $10 a gallon fuel. The want you to forget by the next election, or “selection.” Remember the pain, remember your child not being able to get that toy, or meal, because the backwards thinking “progressive” agenda, (or, more accurately “Regressives”) take YOU so lightly. They do not give hoot nor holler about you, me, anyone but themselves. The career politician must become a thing of the past. Remember that when you next visit the ballot box. High cost of lumber being as it is, you may not ever have a ballot “box”, save for some sort of recycled thing, recycled from your poverty and broken dreams.

Exciting Kitchen Items

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