Correct Fruitcake

December 22, 2014 by 1 Comment

That’s right fruitcake

Correct Fruitcake, nobody likes you. Nobody. It’s not cake, it’s more like dense, disgusting bread. That is not fruit, but some sort of chewy, weird facsimile of fruit. Growing up we used to receive a fruitcake every year from a relative, and I tried, I honestly tried to like it. I’m a kid, always hungry, its name says fruit, like, cake, love, I’m on it, every year. And every year I’t take a bit, chew, swallow, throw out the rest of the slice and eat something else. Nobody in the house ever tried as much as I did. No, fruitcake, nobody like you, nobody ever has, nobody ever will. Fruitcake is like a passive aggressive gift, simple as that.

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