Corporate Valentines Day

February 2, 2015 by No Comments

Corporate Valentines Day

Happy corporate Valentines day image says, so you think Valentines day is just a corporate holiday. Tell me about your girlfriend.
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Guys, this is just exactly what the hippie, faux liberal, sit to pee, eeeeeee a bug, guns scare me mentality will get you. Wonka bumping uglies on the midnight trampoline with your woman. Swallow that garbage and go with the flow. Man up, cowboy up, whatever, just doen’t fall into that clap trap, it just says you’re an insensitive tight wad creep of a douche bag. Wonka is too, but he’s up for some smooth talking to take your ride for a ride. And then some. So unless you like the leftovers, get busy!

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