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Grammar Rules – Comma rules

Comma Rules – the Oxford, Standard, Walken and Shatner each come with a whole different set of rules and inflections. you know it when you hear it, for sure.

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The Great Comma Debate: Punctuation with Personality!

In the ever-evolving saga of English grammar, nothing has caused more pauses (pun intended) than the notorious comma. This seemingly insignificant squiggle has the power to unite or divide (literally), and often leaves even the most seasoned grammarians in a bit of a pickle. Here, we delve into the world of commas, where each style comes with its own distinct flavor!

Standard Comma: The Reliable Classic The standard comma is your go-to, no-frills punctuation mark. It’s the dependable friend who shows up precisely when needed, never outstays its welcome, and doesn’t make a fuss. “You know Bob, Sue and Greg? They came to my house.” Here, the standard comma is like salt in a recipe: necessary, but only in the right amounts. It gives us just enough pause to know who’s part of the story without getting into a tizzy over who arrived first.

Oxford Comma: The Distinguished Scholar Enter the Oxford comma, also known as the serial comma. It’s the one with a hint of British sophistication and probably drinks tea with its pinky up. “You know Bob, Sue, and Greg? They came to my house.” With the Oxford comma, there’s no doubt that all three — Bob, Sue, and Greg — graced your humble abode with their presence. It’s the grammarian’s cravat; not everyone wears it, but those who do swear it ties the whole outfit together.

Walken Comma: The Dramatic Pause Inspired by the distinctive speaking style of actor Christopher Walken, this comma knows how to make an entrance. “You know, Bob, Sue, and Greg, they came to my house.” The Walken comma sprinkles pauses like a master chef seasoning a steak — liberally and with purpose. It’s less about the rules and more about the rhythm. Each pause is a dramatic lift of the eyebrow, a moment for the audience to lean in with anticipation.

Shatner Comma: The Intergalactic Overuse Finally, we have the Shatner comma, named for the iconic delivery of William Shatner. It boldly goes where no comma has gone before. “You, know, Bob, Sue, and Greg, they, came, to my, house.” The Shatner comma takes us on a journey of unpredictable cadence, a rollercoaster of breathy breaks where you’re not quite sure if the sentence is ending or just getting started. It’s like using a jackhammer for a thumbtack; it’s definitely overkill, but you can’t help but be a little bit awed by the commitment.

So, the next time you’re about to jot down a list or invite friends over, remember: the comma you choose can say a lot about you. Are you the steadfast Standard, the posh Oxford, the dramatic Walken, or the cosmic Shatner? Choose wisely, for in the world of commas, a little curve can make a big statement!

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