Better Dentistry – or more pleasant

January 4, 2015 by 1 Comment

Better Dentistry – or more pleasant

This funny picture provides a very valid argument as to why we have better dentistry today than at any time in the past. It could also be argued that this particular dentist makes great hiring decisions and that the rest of the field is far behind the curve. And speaking of curves, yeow! Most men and a good many women would take oral hygiene to a whole new level and visit the dentist far more often if this was the norm rather than the exception. Oh come on ladies, admit it. I mean, who doesn’t love this sort of action?

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When twins get their wisdom teeth out… things can get interesting 😂 #wisdomteeth #reaction #dentistry #teeth #funny

♬ original sound – The Bentist / Orthodontist 🦷

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