Beer Belly – Evolution Over Time

March 31, 2019 by No Comments

Beer Belly Evolution

The beer belly evolution isn’t just an American invention, but we do have more than our fair share! Maybe we’re just more evolved? Oops, that last line may trigger Euro-hipsters into a frenzy, Not really much caring.
Here you see the progression of the man bump. Now, that man in the middle seems to be nearly the oldest, or maybe it’s just hard living. No matter, he is clearly stage three, but may be forcing his abdomen out a bit to fit in as a 3.
Clearly a lot of thought went into this image, and I’m guessing they were all on a seaside vacation. You’ll find this sort of thing at the Colorado River as well. Kudos gents, you’re not even trying to suck it in! The belly’s, that is, not talking about the beer!

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