Because Redneck Gallery

January 28, 2015 by No Comments

Because Redneck gallery

This is the Because Redneck gallery, the first one just to see how it goes. Share any you like, share the whole thing if you like. Please do as a matter of fact!
Have you ever seen a redneck jury-rigged creation (redneck life hack) or redneck activity and said to yourself, what the heck are they thinking?!? It happens all the time I’m sure. The only thing you can really say is, Because Redneck. That’s about it, and usually it’s explanation enough, not always, but usually. Many times a situation is so bad it’s beyond saving, but many times if a little focus were put into that ingenuity, there’s be something there. Some of these are actually kind of cool, but most make you say…

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