Be a Laughshop contributor

Be a Laughshop contributor

Whip It Santa
Whip It Santa

Have you ever said to yourself, “I really want to be a Laughshop contributor. After all they are one of the oldest humor sites on the planet! Yep, I like to write love funny stuff, and hell, I’m all fired up to help them rebuild their long lost (hacked) humor files!”
Well, if so, here’s your chance!
We’re re-building a humor site that is also a FUN social network (no heavy stuff bub) this time around, and we’d love to have you aboard!
I created Laughshop in May 1998 after running it for a year or two as PJS Humor, which spawned PJS Trivia, and PJS Recipes. These eventually combined to  become, the emphasis being on the humor.
Email was the big thing back then, as most people had slow modems, so image and video was out of the question, but as the net evolved, so did we, until the point where sending out our daily stuff became too much work for one person working up to 80 hours a week on the ol’ day job, so we walked away but kept the site running.
We did one revamp on another platform said platform being too insecure and hackable, and downright unfriendly, so now we are switching to this platform for Laughshop as we re-build it.

As a contributor you can post blog items, pictures, videos, create groups, hobnob and look cool. What does becoming a contributor entail? Glad you asked.

Sign up for an account. Upon sign up you’ll be granted the title of “Subscriber.” Contribute to the community in comments etc, then simply ask Mr. Admin to become a contributor. Why do we do it this way? Another great question.
Because spammers and scammers are abundant on the ol’ I-net, and we want to be sure you’re not “one of them there bad folks.”

Come on aboard, we’d love to have you! And just have fun.


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