Bad Luck Brian Killed

January 16, 2015 by No Comments

Bet he still had the stupid smile

Bad Luck Brian Killed

Bad Luck Brian Killed

People laugh at the kid, now a man, in the Bad Luck Brian memes because, let’s face it, dorkiest picture ever. But more importantly, people find it amusing because Brian is all of us, all the stupid things we all have done, we are all simply projecting it onto him.  For example, I have, a time or two, checked behind the shower curtain, mostly as a little kid, thinking “what if there were a murderer behind there?” Of course there never has been, but what if? Everything stupid he gets accused of could conceivable happen to any of us (except me) and we all know that in our heart of hearts. So let’s hope Brian, I mean Kyle (his real name) lives a long and happy life.


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