Awkward Stoic Christmas

December 18, 2014 by 1 Comment

Awkward Stoic Christmas (workplace?)

Awkward stoic Christmas picture, but maybe there’s more to the story? Grim reaper just walked past before the picture and muttered, “One of you leaves tonight.” Left to right, “Cool, me, I can’t take it any longer I so look like Gomez Addams I just want to go to a better place. ” Next, “Cool, it’s the old guy, I just know it, I get everything!” Next, “Grimmy was looking hot tonight. I’m gonna do him.” Last, Please take me now. This sweater, the hat, I’m so done.” Or maybe not, maybe they work together, hate each other and just got done with an all out brew-ha-ha. Better still, I think I know. Girl 2nd from left, she spiked the coffee, and is living in anticipation for the rest of them to taste and figure it out.


Merry Christmas!🎄#stoicism #stoic #philosophy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #merrychristmas #christmas #diehard #philosophytiktok #philosophytok #christmasmovies

♬ original sound – Ben Aldridge

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