Awkward Redneck Family Christmas Photo

December 18, 2014 by No Comments

These rednecks at Christmas – Mama’s Family?

Awkward Redneck Family Christmas Photo

Awkward Redneck Family Christmas Photo

Right, so if this awkward redneck family Christmas photo doesn’t give you the willies, then something is wrong with you, you’re clearly not human. There is almost nothing right about this picture, it’s the stuff nightmares filled with boogie men are made out of. Creepy dude with the elf doll, princess pajamas wearing eyebrows…person? Shiny teeth guy, these are all like something out of the TV show Momma’s Family from Hell. Now bald guy looks normal, but I’m sure that’s only because the view is blocked of his eight tentacle legs, and bearded guy, he looks okay… for an eleven foot tall man. What, did they canvass  all of Appalachia for these folks? Or is it all just a put on, maybe a cast auditioning for a TV show? Or maybe Angus Scrimm worked his magic on these folks.

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