Awkward Christmas Pajamas

December 18, 2014 by 1 Comment

Awkward Christmas Garb

Awkward Christmas pajamas. Hmmm. I will not be mean. I will not be mean. Okay assumption: this was done in a studio, like Olan Mills at Sears. Which means these people hopped in their, erm, classy, way overly cool, groovy striped pajamas, walked out, got in the car, drove to the mall, then walked across the mall parking lot, and through Sears dressed like this for all the world to see. Kids, you’re scarred for life. There ought to be a law. I do hope my sarcasm showed through on the pajamas descriptive bit, hate to have people think I like these. Right, so they get the pictures back and send one with Christmas cards to everyone they know, then wonder why everyone they know no longer knows them. I think the solidarity is very cool, and it’s a timeless and priceless image, but those pajamas, yuk.