Awkward Christmas Family Pose

December 18, 2014 by 1 Comment

Awkward Christmas Family

I would definitely call this an awkward Christmas family pose. This is another of those “We’re sending you a picture of the fam with the Christmas Card, Hello!” type pictures. Dad, shock, mom, “eeeeeee!”, left kids, gleeful surprise, middle bottom kid, crapping his jammies, right kid, Slingblade, the early years. Yep, I’d be delighted to do a picture like this. Not. Nice tree though. They’ll fondly remember this pic forever, and they rightly should. Year go past so fast, Christmases fly by. Remember how long they took to get here as kids? Now, boom, how’d that happen?

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We recreated awkward family photos at our family Christmas party! 📸😂 #familyfun #christmas

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