Ancient Chinese Torture

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Ancient Chinese Torture

Ancient Chinese Torture

Ancient Chinese Torture

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A young man is wandering, lost, in a forest when he comes upon a small house. Knocking on the door he is greeted by an ancient Chinese man with a long gray beard.
“I’m lost,” says the man. “Can you put me up for the night?”

“Certainly”,’ the Chinese man says, “but on one condition.” “If you so much as lay a finger on my daughter I will inflict upon you the three worst ancient Chinese tortures known to man'”.
“OK,” the man replies, and enters the house.
Over dinner, the daughter comes down the stairs. She is young and beautiful, with a fantastic body. She is obviously attracted to the young man and can’t keep her eyes off him during the meal. Remembering the old man’s warning, he ignores her and goes up to bed alone.
During the night he can bear it no longer and sneaks into her room for a night of passion. He is careful to keep everything quiet so the old man wouldn’t hear and, near dawn, he creeps back to his room, exhausted but happy.
He wakes to feel a pressure on his chest. Opening his eyes, he sees a large rock on his chest with a note on it that reads: “Ancient Chinese Torture 1….Large rock on chest.”
“Well, that’s pretty crappy,” he thinks.  ‘If that’s the best the old man can do then I don’t have much to worry about.” He picks the boulder up, walks over to the window and throws the boulder out. As he does, he notices another note on it that reads:
“Ancient Chinese Torture 2: Rock tied to left testicle.”
In a panic he glances down and sees the rope, getting very close to taut. Figuring that a few broken bones is better than castration, he jumps out of the window after the boulder. Plummeting towards the ground, he sees a large sign on the ground that reads,
“Ancient Chinese Torture 3….Right testicle tied to bed post.”

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