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First, how to contact us.

Or simply write us at Laughshopdotcom(at)

About We began like a billion years ago, or so it seems, with a beginning date for the domain of May 15th, 1998, Laughshop actually began even earlier, 1996 or 1997, by growing out of PJS Jokes/ PLS ROFL.

The internet has changed a lot since we first started compiling jokes, both from our own sources, the internet, and from users emailing them to us. We used to compile these jokes, pick out the best ones, then send them out as emailed jokes once a day. We then branched into a trivia contest, then recipes as well, all outgrowths of our original PJS in the mid 1990s. The trivia grew to the point that some stranger included us on a Radio Prep Guide website, and unbeknownst to us, our trivia was being broadcast all around the globe.  We only foun d this out after we got a trivia point wrong one day and were flooded with hate mail from DJs and station managers. As we said then as a free resource (which will always be free, btw), you get what you pay for.

We also had scads of appreciative emails from used in our early days. One of the most touching was a lady with a terminal disease, bedridden in the hospital, who looked forward to her daily email jokes (in G and R rated varieties) to help her get through the day.

Over time we discovered that the time needed to manually create these daily emails and lists was just too much, and we walked away from the Laughshop project for several years. automation was still a long way away, and while this time passed, we planned for the future.

A couple years ago or so we began using a platform that looked great on paper, and started to bring back. Unfortunately that platform demanded a lot of money, and if you didn’t pay it your search terms and keyword tags would be mixed with the program writers (meaning LS would essentially be invisible on the web), and spammers would essentially have free reign to post garbage and harrass the site and its users.

Finally we said enough is enough, and started building Laughshop on a different platform. What you’re reading now is a result, as we seek to bring back to it’s early glory.

We plan on building a site, and hopefully a community with the ideal of fun and frivolity in mind, those things we do when we are not at the 9 to 5 sweating it for our bosses, toiling away our lives. So sit back and enjoy this site, and life in general. We’ll do what we can to help.

As always, your help, readership, support and input is so very much appreciated! Crew.

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