Redneck Trekkies

Redneck Trekkies

Redneck Trekkies photo
Redneck Trekkies

I suppose there are such things as redneck trekkies, although I did not know that until just now, and as the caption says, they are a sad, sad bunch. Poor dog especially, how humiliating! On the other hand warp nacelles would have been made of PBR cans, not bud light cans, so I suspect this may be a redneck forgery.
For those unaware of what the picture represents, it’s supposed to be the Star Ship Enterprise of one of her stablemates, although it more closely resembles an Excelsior class ship. , which would make it a 1701-B Enterprise. The ship sits atop a medium sized dog (bet his name is Warp) who in theory would run around propelling the ship. But as anyone who had dressed a dog in weird stuff will know, this dog probably isn’t going anywhere. And yes, I guess I am too a nerdy trekkie.

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