Redneck Party Limo

Redneck Party Limo

Redneck Party Limo image in front of a 7-11
Redneck Party Limo

Now that is a redneck party limo! Whee doggies, would you look at that, Jethro! It’s parked out in front of the 7-11, so obviously they’re stocking up on tater chips, Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR to rednecks), beer nuts, pork rinds and God knows whatever else.
This looks to have began life as a uHaul truck, they kept the front hood and it’s paint, adding a truck bed and shell, and a whole slew of doors from various and assorted Chevy suburbans. Definitely a truck with an identity crisis.
The redneck limo appears to be either in the beginning stages of its new life, or end. My guess it’s just starting out, a fledgling. To be fair, this may not be redneck party limo at all, but may be used in moving workers on the farm from one field to another, but on the weekends, haha, it’s all tunes and disco lights.

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