Good News

Good News Good news, the rabbit lived! Waking up in a pool of blood is normally a bad thing, vampires excepted. This is a cartoon of a lady waking up in bed to a grisly scene with her bedding, floor, walls spattered in blood, not normally funny in any way. However, as discovered in the … Read more

Dumb Guy Meme

Dumb Guy Meme “…and this, children, is why you do not use drugs…” In this dumb guy meme, apparently this guy tried to rob a bank after having paid $500 to a “wizard” to make him invisible. I see the logic, I really do. I’d think about doing the same thing if I could be … Read more

Smell this

Smell this

No thanks. Why don’t you smell this? Sometimes even spell check (smell check?) can’t save you!

Smell this
Smell this

Wow, yes, there’s a big difference between the smell of cologne and a colon. Seriously. If you can smell his or her colon there’s either a hygiene problem or a medical condition that needs to be addressed. Further, if you enjoy smelling his or her colon (and I have no doubt there are people into that), then perhaps you need to seek professional help. And by professional help I mean seeing a shrink. So if someone walks up to you and asked you to “smell this,” be prepared. If it’s funky it may not be cologne.

Septic Sign

Septic Sign The septic sign on this truck says “Yesterday’s Meals on Wheels,” a fun pun on the whole Meals on Wheels program that brings food to those who need it brought to them. Then these folks suck it up from the septic tanks. Thank God it’s not tomorrow’s meals on wheels! I’ve seen a … Read more

Not Now Beer

Not Now Beer Peeking around the corner of the computer again are you beer? Not now beer! I’m trying to get things done! There’s a time for work, a time for studying, and a different time for beer, but sometimes beer just won’t take no for an answer and sneaks up on you unawares, the … Read more

Eat More Pizza

Eat More Pizza 🙂 Eat more pizza, eat even more of it, because fat people are harder to kidnap! Not that pizza makes you fat, but enough of anything will eventually make you harder to take. Hell, I can’t think of one good reason to NOT enjoy more pizza! There’s a saying coffee and pizza have … Read more

Voldemort laugh

Voldemort Laugh

A Voldemort laugh. He has his followers, but that’s about it.

Voldemort Laugh

Besides that, this Happy Potter character is also one ugly dude, sort of like cinema’s Pinhead. I’d be a cranky fellow if I looked remotely like that! Before coffee doesn’t count, everyone looks like Voldemort before coffee.

To be honest, I’ve seen all the characters, but I have yet to see on Potter film, nor read even a word from any of the books.

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Adolescence Sucks

Can you say adolescence sucks? What is maybe worse is taking that same adolescent angst into adulthood. I know a lot of adults that still act like unhappy teenagers. Yes, adolescence sucks but it’s even worse when one gets older yet still clings to teenage values. Then again, if your self esteem is so low that … Read more

Redneck Thanksgiving

Redneck Thanksgiving This is a Redneck Thanksgiving. My God, it looks so realistic, right down to the wife beaters and cigarette at the dinner table! In a Norman Rockwell style, this picture captures rednecks in turkey day action. Except for the KFC that is. However it could be a little more accurate. Where’s the PBR? … Read more