Small Redneck Houseboat

Small Redneck Houseboat Small redneck houseboats. Yep, What did you think you’d get, something nice and modern? Cabin cruiser? A Yacht? Nope, Most rednecks are a practical bunch, usually by necessity, and this is a very practical solution to a difficult question. How to get on the water and stay on the water for an … Read more

Grey Poupon

Grey Poupon Excuse me, do you have any Grey Poupon? I like this stuff on some things, but usually I stick with the tried and true yellow mustard. But an ape asking for grey poupon is preposterous! What is he going to put it on, bananas? Yuk! Never mind that apes only talk in the … Read more

Septic Milk

Septic Milk Mmmmm, if septic milk is wrong, I don’t want to be right! Who hasn’t dreamed of a tall frothy glass of septic milk? Bubbly, frosty, or sometimes warmed just before bedtime. Or maybe dunking cookies into on a hot summer day. Yes, septic milk is something I just can’t get enough of. Seriously, … Read more

Star Wars Christmas Song

Star Wars Christmas Song

The Empire is Coming To Town Star Wars Christmas Song.

Star Wars Christmas Song

Star Wars Christmas Song

This is a Star Wars parody. It’s called The Empire is Coming To Town. Not sure if I like this, but still this is both fun and entertaining.

Speaking of Star Wars, with JJ Abrams directing the next one you know it will be a magnificent movie, but so far it doesn’t look like there are any radical changes to the tried and true of the originals. See, with Star Trek the entire ship, Enterprise, was totally redone, made much bigger than ever it was in the originals. The phasers fire like machine guns rather than as beams as they always had, Vulcan was annihilated, which never happened in the original telling, so what changes in Star Wars? What if they include this Song? Yeah, I don’t see that happening. One one hand I hope a lot, on the other I hope not much.

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Twerking Dog

Twerking Dog Twerking is quite the rage, I guess, but I don’t understand it, it’s a very weird behavior. Nowadays you’ll even see a twerking dog or two, which is weird too. See, twerking isn’t dancing, it is more spazing, it’s sort of like a butt seizure the way I see it. What gives with … Read more

Husky Says No

Husky Says No More talking animals. This is Blaze, the talking dog. Ok, he doesn’t so much talk, as this husky says no. Just no. That doesn’t make it un-interesting. In fact I wish more people caught their pets foibles on camera. Pets each have their own unique personality, just like humans. My boy dog … Read more

Dancing Dog

Dancing Dog Yep, dancing animals are always entertaining, and that is true of this dancing dog. This is a hairless Chinese Crested named Nathan. An ugly fellow, Nathan the does his best dancing/back scratching when the camera is on apparently. Either than or he does this all the time, for no good reason. Ok, about … Read more