Twerking Dog

Twerking Dog Twerking is quite the rage, I guess, but I don’t understand it, it’s a very weird behavior. Nowadays you’ll even see a twerking dog or two, which is weird too. See, twerking isn’t dancing, it is more spazing, it’s sort of like a butt seizure the way I see it. What gives with … Read more

Husky Says No

Husky Says No More talking animals. This is Blaze, the talking dog. Ok, he doesn’t so much talk, as this husky says no. Just no. That doesn’t make it un-interesting. In fact I wish more people caught their pets foibles on camera. Pets each have their own unique personality, just like humans. My boy dog … Read more

Dancing Dog

Dancing Dog Yep, dancing animals are always entertaining, and that is true of this dancing dog. This is a hairless Chinese Crested named Nathan. An ugly fellow, Nathan the does his best dancing/back scratching when the camera is on apparently. Either than or he does this all the time, for no good reason. Ok, about … Read more

Lip Reading NFL Games

Lip Reading NFL Games Lip reading NFL games can’t be easy. A lot of the time I watch it’s clear what coaches and players are saying, but most of the time it’s not so easy. This comes from one my favorite channels, Bad Lip Reading. What amazes me is the methodology they have to go … Read more

Be a Laughshop contributor

Be a Laughshop contributor Have you ever said to yourself, “I really want to be a Laughshop contributor. After all they are one of the oldest humor sites on the planet! Yep, I like to write love funny stuff, and hell, I’m all fired up to help them rebuild their long lost (hacked) humor files!” … Read more

Selfie Dookie Fail

Selfie Dookie Fail Ah gross! Beware the Selfie Dookie Fail! Always be aware of your surroundings when shooting a selfie picture. And for crying out loud, LOOK at the picture before you post it! I have seen so many avoidable selfie fails that it boggles the mind! Now it’s plain that she wanted to present … Read more

Funny Ship Name

Funny Ship Name

Funny Ship Name
Funny Ship Name

Titan Uranus FAIL!

Titan Uranus is a funny ship name. Not often do you find a ship with such an unusual name, but here’s one now. I’s sat this is a potential fail, as far as ship names go. Thank GOD they didn’t screw up the tame Titan with Titin, that would have been too much even for me! Or tight in, that’s too much.

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