Ermahgerd Chrerstmahs

Ermahgerd Chrerstmahs! Ermahgerd Chrerstmahs is a phrase that in normal talk would be Oh My God, Christmas, which is the translation. This meme character, the Ermahgerd girl, came to be an internet meme sensation in 2012, and although two women have come forward claiming to be she that inspired this meme, as well as thousands … Read more

Funny Christmas Pictures

Funny Christmas Pictures for all of you who have been with us for the last 16+ years and those new to Laughshop. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! This is a gallery of 20 funny images and memes collected for the holiday season. We have put together a collection that ranges from cute to funny as hell. … Read more

Funny Blonde Meme

Funny Blonde Meme “Then I grabbed it like this” funny blonde meme. Then what did you do? “I held it up like this, right at my mouth!” Yes, and then? “Well, I held it there, and I opened my mouth, then moved my hand towards” Wait, towards your mouth? “Yeah yeah, towards my mouth, but … Read more

Monday Wisdom Words

Monday Wisdom Words Happy Monday! You can do it! Monday wisdom words So stop your bitching. Own Monday, seize this day, and make it yours. You know you can, you just have to do it. Look, if she could survive all her issues in a life that was spiraling towards craziness and destruction, you can … Read more

Weekly Blonde Jokes

Weekly Blonde Jokes This is the second installment of our Weekly Blonde Jokes. Last weeks were well received, so we’ll try and make this a weekly thing. It’s maybe a good thing many blondes can’t read, lol. Just kidding. We know a good many blondes who can read just fine, as a matter of fact. … Read more

Blonde Brains

Blonde Brains What are blonde brains? Yeah, not touching that question. Ok, what can be said about blonde brains that is politically correct? Not much, but then again I’ve never been much for that PC crap. So, photog, outhouse backdrop? Really?  I’m guessing that this lady just came out from taking a squirt and you’re … Read more

Santa Snack Fail

Santa Snack Fail

HUGE mistake with this Santa Snack Fail. Never leave rice cakes for Santa Claus, nor soy milk, it’s a horrible idea!

Santa Snack Fail
Fruit cake is even worse. Santa appreciates high calorie yummy deliciousness to give him energy and that makes him happy. If you don’t make Santa happy you end up with sweaters, jig saw puzzles and educational toys, and ain’t nobody like those. Nobody. Seriously, who do you think invented ugly Christmas sweater anyway? Yep, rice cake eating Santa. It’s a punishment.
On another note, Santa sure is a whiny complaining biatch.

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