Redneck Jokes

Redneck Jokes, issue 1 A collection of redneck jokes. Redneck and the Genie A redneck hit the jackpot when the old brass bottle he found in the back yard turned out to have a genie in it. Any three wishes he had would be granted, the genie informed him. “I wanna be rich,” said the redneck. … Read more

Burn Baby Burn Sign

Burn Baby Burn Sign Burn baby burn sign. Translated signs can be funny as hell, because when it’s in your native tongue you wonder, “How did they not catch that? What were they thinking?” But when you consider that their language characters are so much different that they can not read them any more than … Read more

Funny Buffet Sign

Funny Buffet Sign This is a funny buffet sign, even if it was never intended to be. Burn out the first two letters of Dynasty Buffet and you’re left with Nasty Buffet. That is a business that won’t be doing much drive up business, at night at any rate. Maybe in the day, when the … Read more

Funny Sign Warning

Funny Sign Warning Funny sign warning speeders of police presence in the area proves to be right on the money. I’ve read that in a lot of places, various municipalities, this is illegal, warning about a speed trap ahead or about a checkpoint. I’ve never investigated the laws on this, but I have watched as … Read more

Animal Clinic Funny Sign

Animal Clinic Funny Sign Here’s an animal clinic funny sign full of puns. Must be a great place to work. This image though looks like it has been photoshopped, the lettering added, but that could also just be the lighting, or maybe it was touched up. Whatever. I think if you’re going to take the … Read more