Will Ferrell on Shaving

Will Ferrell on Shaving Will Ferrell on Shaving, a true statement? If a man shaves his arms and legs he might as well shave his vagina too. I think it is, and that goes for those who shave their chests and nether region as well. The only excuses for a man to shave anything but … Read more

Valentines Day Face

Valentines Day Face All well and fine, but I’m thinking this Valentines Day Face is, well, frightening. Someone walks up with this face and I’m running the hell out of there in the other direction. Screaming. This is like Hannibal Lechter in love, a frightening proposition  in and of itself. Ladies, I know you know … Read more

Redneck Sushi

Redneck Sushi This exotic redneck sushi treat of the south is made with hand picked fresh or frozen corn dogs. This seems to be the redneck way. Oh sure, sushi is supposed to be prepared from raw fish such as tuna by specially trained sushi chefs, however rednecks are a practical bunch, and not being … Read more

Funniest Joke Ever Written

The Funniest Joke Ever Written Monte Python I’m adding this in because, well, I’m a Monte Python freak, and the funniest joke ever written skit is funny, maybe not the funniest skit they ever did (not by a long shot) but still funny. I briefly considered calling this post “A peek into the Laughshop.com offices,” … Read more

Best of Bad Luck Brian

Best of Bad Luck Brian We thought about a whole lot of different ways to present the Best of Bad Luck Brian, a series of memes that exploded onto the internet beginning in 2012. Bad Luck Brian memes feature the picture of a hapless teenager’s really awful year book photo, he’s called Brian, but I’ve come … Read more

Weekly Blonde Jokes 6

Welcome to Weekly Blonde Jokes 6! (That is issue 6). The response to the return of our publishing jokes (we used to email daily, but those days are over a decade in the grave) has been very good. As a matter of fact the response to our coming back to life has been remarkable, it just … Read more

Bad Luck Brian Pauses Porn

Bad Luck Brian Pauses Porn Poor guy has been so raked over the coals, all because one weird 7th grade picture. This is Bad Luck Brian Pauses Porn, and as you can see the result was devastating. Bad luck Brian is now a grown up, with his own youtube channel I understand. I haven’t been … Read more