Dubyas New Life

Dubyas New Life My how times have changed. I wonder if anyone is going to scream and yell about this one. We are not about politics here, it’s just a funny picture of Dubyas new life. Of course someone likely photoshopped it, still made me titter. Yep, that’s a word. Hey, sometimes you gotta ride … Read more

Drunk Yoga

Drunk Yoga Thinking about taking up Yoga in the new year? Good news! With Drunk Yoga you may already be a master! Why take year, decades, to become a yoga master? You can master the art in just minutes by visiting the local liquor store, buying a bottle of Jack Daniels, or whatever you preferred … Read more

Urinal Tea

Urinal Tea Would you like tea, pee, or me? Hot, fresh, this is just the warm beverage to brush off the cold and open your eyes. In a hurry. I’m thinking I’ll stick with coffee. Yes, it’s often best when poured with a froth atop, the bubbles releasing the tea fragrance with the steam. The … Read more

Marquee Irony

Marquee Irony Now if this funny sign isn’t a marquee irony. I love funny signs, and I suppose this could be more ironic, but this marquee irony hit it pretty much dead on the head. Frozen is playing, and here the theater is, not a soul in sight, frozen over. Myself, I couldn’t even think … Read more

Open Box

Open Box First? THAT’s what I’ve been doing wrong all this time! Open box first, huh? There’s so much going wrong here. First off, at least where I live the pizza box often tastes better than the pizza itself. More to the point, you have to OPEN the pizza box pictured first to see the … Read more

Explains a LOT

Explains a lot I do believe this explains a lot! Stressed is desserts in reverse! Yep, so I’m going to have dessert after all, it has a BUILT IN excuse! This explains a lot. One of few words that is magic backwards. Beer = reeb. Nope. Booze = ezoob. Medication = noitacidem. Nuh uh. Yeah, desserts may … Read more

Grab Me Now

Grab Me Now Grab Me Now while you can! The things that make you say “Oh thank heaven, for seven eleven.” Erm, oh, never mind. Funny how little tiny mis-spellings can SO change meanings, I mean, an innocuous sales sign becomes, well, pornographic almost. Many times this is done on purpose, but no, not in this … Read more