Real Yawner

Real Yawner To be fair it is Oregon, so if you’re a big city person you may find the entire thing a real yawner.  On the other hand boring is in the eye of the beholder. Greenery and rain your ideal of a good time? Then here you go. Could this be the retirement home … Read more

Walmart Clown Commercial

Walmart Clown Commercial This is a very funny Walmart clown commercial, where the ladies are talking about having saved a tron of money shopping at Walmart, enough to pay for a clown outfit. Things go terribly wrong when the clown jumps on top of a metal Unicorn.

Gift for Daddy

Gift for Daddy- Give him what which is taboo and illegal in at least 40 states, a gift for daddy that will have him (and maybe you too) in jail for years to come. Seriously shaking our heads here. Apparently it’s okay in Georgia though, hmmm. I wonder if Rick Grimes and his crew passed … Read more

Underwear Party

Underwear Party This Carls Jr. commercial for their breakfast biscuits with home made Hardees biscuits is funny! It has a man from the old south appearing at a California beach, and he asks the question regarding the swimwear, “Is this some sort of underwear party?” I could not find this excellent piece anywhere, but luckily had … Read more

To Acronym or Not

To Acronym or Not Generally speaking, if you have an acronym, each letter demotes something. Example: MASH, Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. On this sign they were either super lazy that day, or they don’t understand the concept of using acronyms.