Good News

Good News

Good News not pregnant image
Good News

Good news, the rabbit lived! Waking up in a pool of blood is normally a bad thing, vampires excepted. This is a cartoon of a lady waking up in bed to a grisly scene with her bedding, floor, walls spattered in blood, not normally funny in any way. However, as discovered in the lower pane it is because she has received her monthly visitor, meaning that she is not pregnant. That is what makes this cartoon funny. In a way it is sort of a good news / bad news scenario, one that I’m sure many women have faced, although not in this much exaggerated detail. However I’m thinking that any lady who is stressed over the possibility of being pregnant can relate to this.
By the way there are many more images and stuff on the site, so browse away, and if you have anything humorous you’d like to submit, by all means do!

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