Redneck dream home

Redneck dream home I can see why one might be skeptical about this being a redneck dream home, after all, they are partial to mobile homes, right? Not so fast. This here domicile has a deck and an awning, like a mobile home. Not only that but it is sided in metal, like a mobile home, … Read more

Redneck Weekend

Redneck Weekend It’s a redneck weekend, relax, drink a beer, talk on the cordless phone, take a crap on your back porch, whatever. This may be the ultimate epic redneck weekend picture of all time. My guess is that the picture was staged, but you know, if you have a toilet on your back porch … Read more

Redneck Limo

Redneck Limo You know something, I’m not a redneck, close but not quite, and I’d ride in this redneck limo no question. What’s not to love? It can go anywhere, over anything, and one of a limo’s first jobs is to get you where you want to go, and be as noticeable about it as … Read more

Redneck Thanksgiving

Redneck Thanksgiving This is a Redneck Thanksgiving. My God, it looks so realistic, right down to the wife beaters and cigarette at the dinner table! In a Norman Rockwell style, this picture captures rednecks in turkey day action. Except for the KFC that is. However it could be a little more accurate. Where’s the PBR? … Read more

Small Redneck Houseboat

Small Redneck Houseboat Small redneck houseboats. Yep, What did you think you’d get, something nice and modern? Cabin cruiser? A Yacht? Nope, Most rednecks are a practical bunch, usually by necessity, and this is a very practical solution to a difficult question. How to get on the water and stay on the water for an … Read more