Happy Everything Now Leave Me Alone

Happy Everything Happy everything! Wouldn’t it be nice to just get them all out of the way at once? Yet, it is nice that holidays are sprinkled though out the year, giving us time to spend with loved ones. Christmas, Hanukkah, 4th of July, Valentines day, Presidents Day, so many holidays and faux holidays created … Read more

Who Lit the fuse

Who lit the fuse? Ok, who lit the fuse on your tampon? Men, I highly suggest you never use this phrase, especially if the woman in question knows where you sleep. Yes, it’s a crude burn, but you know, sometimes you just have to trot this out when dealing with an irrationally angry female. To … Read more

One Hung Bunny

One Hung Bunny One Hung Bunny is surely inappropriate for most of the ages that are into beanie babies, I’m thinking this is a customized job, as I have never seen this in the market place. Then again I don’t pay much attention to beanie babies anyway, so I can’t be sure. If it is … Read more

Was she born with it

Was she born with it? Was she born with it? Nope, don’t think so. I think this may be a chemical thing.   So if there was ever a photo that you could whip out and show to kids the dangers of substance abuse, this would be the one. Now maybe this is the ladies … Read more

Thank God It’s Friday

Thank God its Friday!

How often have you said Thank God its Friday? And meant it? And thought of Joe Friday?

Thank God It's Friday

Ha, never, right? You will now. This is the Friday Meme. Celebrate the end of the normal work week! Weekends are for fun, chores, life and living. And family. Friday is diametrically opposed to Monday. Friday equals elation. Now, be elated! Feel free to use this on your status updates to show your happiness that another week of toil is out of the way. Yay! So, live it to the fullest, seize the day. To be honest I seldom do, but now and again.

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Asking For It

Asking For It Are you asking for it? Wanting to get your butt kicked? Well, here’s how to start right up, right here with this handy guide to ensure it happens. Every see someones face for the first time and it instantly pisses you off? How about someones clothing? Now take the face and clothing together. … Read more

Morning Breath

Morning Breath Officer: “What’s your name son.” Man: “Hal. Officer: “What is that, short for Harold?” Man: “No sir, Halitosis is my full first name.” Officer: “Whew, I can tell why…” Do you have a life long issue with smelly morning breath? Here is one possible cause of your halitosis. If your dogs sleep in the … Read more

Good News

Good News Good news, the rabbit lived! Waking up in a pool of blood is normally a bad thing, vampires excepted. This is a cartoon of a lady waking up in bed to a grisly scene with her bedding, floor, walls spattered in blood, not normally funny in any way. However, as discovered in the … Read more

Not Now Beer

Not Now Beer Peeking around the corner of the computer again are you beer? Not now beer! I’m trying to get things done! There’s a time for work, a time for studying, and a different time for beer, but sometimes beer just won’t take no for an answer and sneaks up on you unawares, the … Read more

Eat More Pizza

Eat More Pizza 🙂 Eat more pizza, eat even more of it, because fat people are harder to kidnap! Not that pizza makes you fat, but enough of anything will eventually make you harder to take. Hell, I can’t think of one good reason to NOT enjoy more pizza! There’s a saying coffee and pizza have … Read more