Penmanship Importance

Penmanship Importance This sort of illustrates penmanship importance… In this case “You will Be Preparing for The FINAL” becomes “You will Be Preparing for The ANAL,” simply by running the letters together. Much the same thing if you ask me, but to a student is the difference between passing or failing in many instances.

Trump Says

Trump Says Trump Says this? I doubt it, but you never really know. Trump Says? He would probably say something like “Lots of people tell me, they say, ‘Donald, this game called Uno, you should rename it when you’re president. Call it ‘one”. I think it would be yooge, YOOGE!”

Jenner’s Fathers day

Jenner’s Fathers day Jenner’s Fathers day, do you think it will suck? Or will the kids treat him out of memory, respect, etc. Maybe he ALREADY got his day in mother’s day? Jenner’s Fathers day has got to be confusing for all parties. Mother’s day too, as there is a real mother, and another not … Read more


Himbo Do you know a Himbo? You’re welcome world for the new word… A Himbo is roughly the male equivalent of a bimbo, hottish but dumb, slutty and ignorant, gets by on nothing but looks, basically, can’t ever be somebody based on their inner self, because that is a large gaping void. Hey, that’s me!!!

Watching Too Much Chopped

Watching Too Much Chopped Have you been Watching Too Much Chopped? This is what happens when you’ve been Watching Too Much Chopped on TV. You suddenly make McNuggets into something palatable and charge 40 bucks for that small helping…