Awkward Christmas Lights

Awkward Christmas Lights There’s awkward Christmas lights, and then there’s really awkward Christmas lights. This would be right between the two, edging towards the latter. Christmas, got it, Santa hat, got it, garland, got it, lights, got it, good so far. Green bikini, and erm, pregnant lady? Um, well… With the lights wrapped around her? … Read more

Merry Monkey Christmas

Merry Monkey Christmas   Merry monkey Christmas? Right, so there was a stellar idea, get a monkey, dress it in linen and give it to the teenager for Christmas. Further, we’ll dress the teen as an elf and take a picture of all of this in front of the fake brickwork that is made of … Read more

Awkward Christmas Pajamas

Awkward Christmas Pajamas   Awkward Christmas pajamas. Hmmm. I will not be mean. I will not be mean. Okay assumption: this was done in a studio, like Olan Mills at Sears. Which means these people hopped in their, erm, classy, way overly cool, groovy striped pajamas, walked out, got in the car, drove to the … Read more

Awkward Stoic Christmas

Awkward Stoic Christmas Awkward stoic Christmas picture, but maybe there’s more to the story? Grim reaper just walked past before the picture and muttered, “One of you leaves tonight.” Left to right, “Cool, me, I can’t take it any longer I so look like Gomez Addams I just want to go to a better place. ” … Read more

Awkward Christmas Presents

Awkward Christmas Presents Awkward Christmas Presents to be sure. At least they’re alive and cheerful, not like the Hannibal Lechter household where, well, the items in the boxes are decidedly less lively. I ge tthat this is a Christmas picture that’s probably used to send with a card to distant family members and maybe friends, … Read more