Panda Christmas

Panda Christmas Panda Christmas meme. Do pandas even celebrate Christmas? Probably not, ’cause they’re PANDAS! Still this is a cute Christmas meme, panda or not. So what the panda is asking is if he can have a picture of you to show Santa what he wants for Christmas. He’s also apparently drinking a beer, as … Read more

Christmas Douche

Christmas Douche Christmas Douche man. Hey, mega blocks are not the same thing as Legos, douche. Legos are the same as legos, nothing else. Few things were as infuriating as running across imitation legos in a box (I used a large coffee can) of legos. Wrong size, wrong connection points, not interchangeable. And if I … Read more

Grumpy Cat Terrible

Grumpy Cat Terrible   Grumpy Cat Terrible time of the year Christmas meme featuring that Grumpy Cat. Seems the cat (named tard) just doesn’t like much of anything, the curmudgeon that he is. Especially Christmas. You know you can make memes as you like with your own captions at several sites, just search Grumpy Cat … Read more

Grumpy Cat Christmas

Grumpy Cat Christmas That hateful cat was once again present for Christmas in the Grumpy Cat Christmas meme. He delights in this one at all the other reindeers laughing at Rudolph and calling him names. Bastard Grumpy Cat, gotta love that curmudgeon of a cat. Did you know the cat’s real name is Tard? Seriously, … Read more

Hipster Flintstones

Hipster Flintstones Christmas Forget that Flintstones is mis-spelled in this Hipster Flintstones Christmas meme, it is still funny. What’s bizarre to me is the labels people have today for subsets of other groups of people. Hipsters for example. In my day we’d call them sissies and beat them up just because. Bros, which is regional … Read more

Ermahgerd Chrerstmahs

Ermahgerd Chrerstmahs! Ermahgerd Chrerstmahs is a phrase that in normal talk would be Oh My God, Christmas, which is the translation. This meme character, the Ermahgerd girl, came to be an internet meme sensation in 2012, and although two women have come forward claiming to be she that inspired this meme, as well as thousands … Read more

Funny Blonde Meme

Funny Blonde Meme “Then I grabbed it like this” funny blonde meme. Then what did you do? “I held it up like this, right at my mouth!” Yes, and then? “Well, I held it there, and I opened my mouth, then moved my hand towards” Wait, towards your mouth? “Yeah yeah, towards my mouth, but … Read more

Monday Wisdom Words

Monday Wisdom Words Happy Monday! You can do it! Monday wisdom words So stop your bitching. Own Monday, seize this day, and make it yours. You know you can, you just have to do it. Look, if she could survive all her issues in a life that was spiraling towards craziness and destruction, you can … Read more

Grumpy Cat Christmas Jingle Bells

Grumpy Cat Christmas Jingle Bells Grumpy Cat Christmas Jingle Bells. He sure does have a way with words. I would like to hear him, or at least read up, on his take on the whole song. Probably goes something like “Jingle Bells Go To Hell, Come Here Suck My Butt. I Hate You, You Know … Read more